Where's Ur Money From (Over At All) ?~!~??~!~!~!~

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         Hello everyone reading the artical now,i give four kinds of person with deffient CASDFLOW, would u like to punlish a comment to show which quadrant u r in now and which quadrant do u wanna go, thx ~!~!~!~!~!~

     In bypast weeks, i was reading a book named 《The CASHFLOW Quadrant》(a part of a series of books 《Rich Dad's Guid to Financial Freedom》), i like it very much and recommend it to all of u washing give u a sharp change of ur life trace!~!~!~!~
In the above figure, I give four quadrant, and each quadrant show u a kind of person who can eatn money by special way.
     1.Employee (in the quadrant E), always have a full-time job with settled wage, but work for others(S or B) and once,they don't work hard they will lose the job and the wage, so always ,they r busy. They always pay more attention to the stability of the job and how much money they can get,simultaneity, they ask for more welfare. They can not evade tax. Maybe following words can be heared: "my wage rises ","i have all kinds of welfare", "i m a manager now", and so on~!~!~!~!~!~!~

     2.Self-employed (in the quadrant S), have their own businese-a shop,a company or a big system etc. and work in the businese   (More)

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