I M Sure ~!~!~!~

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       I m sure ~!~!~

       I m sure it is time that I do really write something. It is nearly two month that i heven't been here. I known, a well-known author,no matter how  famous it is,can be disremembered if he didn't give it's opus to those who wanna know more and care about him.I m not a composer, but i will let those who pay attention to me know what happened to me ~!~!~!~

       I m sure ~!~!~

       I m sure i m not young. 29-yeas-old is really a marrige age. Just at such an age, i m lost, i try to struggle, but the more emphatic the more deeper.


      I m sure ~!~!~!~

       I m sure i m in trouble to choice Nanning or Guangzhou. i should go back Guangzhou, that is to build my  life structure: the palace to carve out,to choice the GF, (More)

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