What am i worrying about this "lifetype" web ~!~!???~!

Friday, 21st September 2007

         My dress shop was't run well and for months I didnot obtain the expectant profit, but I am still very approving to the derivative renturn. Now I can think more to a project before investing --market,market potential,distribution channel's  establishing,chosing target client,solidifying a team,etc~!~!~

         I connect with more about internet ramification and will think a lot about their earing-mode,so that abruptly, I can't understand how this web make money--no ADV,no loginning fee,and small notice. whatever i can think is the webmaste's interest to internet. Am i right, the webmaste ?  If then I am worrying about the "lifetype" blog can not be open one day~!~!~!~!~!