the well-beloved IRAQ team~ !~!~!~

Monday, 30th July 2007


         Last evening the well-beloved IRAQ soccer team got the champin of the Asian Cup.~!~!~!~!~

        As u know, Iraq is  ruined completely by the "Great War", and every day u can hear the shot. And the soccer is in a stagnant condition without a gootball league matches system. And to a miracle,it is just such a team from such a country win the match and obtained the Champin of 2007 Asian footbal Cup who is the seventh country to get the honor. It is well-beloved. ~!~!~!~
        Our nation team can learn more from it but the spirit. ~!~!~!~!~

        But it is unfortunate that there ware another 7 Iraq persons dead in the festive occasion continuing the 4 death after half final match in which Iraq defout Kaora.~!~!~!