What Am I Worrying About This "Lifetype" Web ~!~!???~!

oyeah 21 September, 2007 18:09 Article Permalink Trackbacks (0)

         My dress shop was't run well and for months I didnot obtain the expectant profit, but I am still very approving to the derivative renturn. Now I can think more to a project before investing --market,market potential,distribution channel's  establishing,chosing target client,solidifying a team,etc~!~!~

         I connect with more about internet ramification and will think a lot about their earing-mode,so that abruptly, I can't understand how this web make money--no ADV,no loginning fee,and small notice. whatever i can think is the webmaste's interest to internet. Am i right, the webmaste ?  If then I am worrying about the "lifetype" blog can not be open one day~!~!~!~!~! 



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    Posted by we — 22 Jul 2008, 13:53

  2. to kathy:
    haha ~!~!~!~!~
    The party is postponed to 10.2 Eve~!~!~!~
    in fact i dislike to take part in such an active,i'd rather to read the book i got last sateday from airport when sent a pal ~!~!~

    Posted by oyeah — 26 Sep 2007, 19:25

  3. oyeah
    ha wow how is the single party?

    Posted by kathy — 25 Sep 2007, 13:28

  4. to kathy :

    haha, kathy, i m waiting for ur biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig kiss ~!~!~

    u always jok me:( ~!~!~!

    happy mid-autumn festival ~!~!~!~

    how do u celebrate it in TaiWan?!~!~!~

    will u eat moon cake ?~!~!

    i chatted with lily who is from south Taiwan on the sunday Eve and she said she will have barbeque with family ~!~!~!~!~!~

    we have a single party by company,I will go to hunt,haha~!~!~!~

    Posted by oyeah — 25 Sep 2007, 09:34

  5. To oyeah:
    Do you want to make a list of your opinon about how to make a site more interesting? ha ha
    anughty kathy!!

    Posted by kathy — 23 Sep 2007, 08:43

  6. Oyeah, ha okenglish is a site for ppl want to learn English so far. "not"以賺錢為最終目的.(但若系統需要維修,就需要一些廣告來贊助.) 目前我們所需要的是各位熱情網友的參與,慢慢的okenglsh 就會有更多人加入一起學英語喔!!

    謝謝oyeah的關心,您的意見相信站長會很感動的, because he will know you love and care about the site so much!! give
    you a big kiss. he he

    Posted by kathy — 22 Sep 2007, 23:08

  7. to kathy and elinor:
    But i rearly can not get a good reason but the webmaste's interest to the web,and the interest can stop at any time but he find an idear to earn money by it ~!~!~!~!~
    I can not find such a earing-mode by this web ~!~!~!~!~

    Posted by oyeah — 22 Sep 2007, 19:45

  8. Oyeah, I was worrying too. But as Kathy says, let's keep writing and have the site become the most fun place.

    Posted by elinor — 22 Sep 2007, 13:47

  9. To oyeah, dont worry too much. haha if you keep writting here i think there are many ppl reading your articles.
    oyeah!! happy中秋節!! let's go go go to have this site become the most language fun place. Kathy!!

    Posted by kathy — 21 Sep 2007, 20:33

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