The Year Is Going ~!~!~

oyeah 07 December, 2008 16:30 Article Permalink Trackbacks (0)

     The year is going  ~!~!~!~

     For one year, I have been Nanning, so many things happened ......   by contraries  i can apprehend that nothing happened too.

     The year is going ~!~!~!~

      I have been dispatched to Nanning filiale,that is to mean i must leave visionary Guangzhou for nanning for a long time, maybe forever.  My ideality is blooding, I will be back soon ~!~!~~!~

       The year is going, contrarily,the new year is coming. Happy to all my friends.

       at the end, upload some life picture to memorize the 2008 ~!~!~!~




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